E-Government Services

We provide modern web based electronic services that offers applications, platforms and infrastructure aims to reduce cost, risk, and operational burdens for the small to large organization which increase productivity and efficiency. The e-portal, an E-Government service in cooperation of SHABAKAH, allows to link your establishment to the General Department of Passports, electronic access to Traffic Department database and many other online services to enhance proficiency and significantly save time and effort.
The continuous optimization of service delivery, constituency participation, successively communication & support ensure accessible, flexible and quality of e-Gov. services empowered us as the No.1 ranked e-Government service provider in Saudi Arabia.


Strong Relationship & Collaboration

Gove​rnments often exhibit substantial resistance to open and transparent systems as they try to preserve their authority, power and hierarchical status but Shabakah built strong relationship and collaboration at local, regional and national levels, as well as between public and private organizations that are geographically spread in all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the timeless delivery of services within instant collaboration and strong relationship of communication and interaction.

24x7x365 Support

Shabakah support team includes highly qualified professional employees with extensive technical experience is available around-the-clock (365x7x24). We established internet Point-of-Presence in eight main cities around the kingdom covering most of the geographical area and High stable network design is connected with World Wide Web via 3 national and international gateways to achieve resilient and 99.99% of network that ensure all of your E-Government services available in anywhere at any time.​​